Violation #6 Hand Washing/Toilet Facilities

A. Handwashing and Toilet Facilities: Adequate Number, Location, Design

Critical Violation
Because hand washing is such an important factor in the prevention of foodborne illness, sufficient handwashing sinks must be available to make hand washing not only possible, but likely.

Adequate, sanitary toilet facilities are necessary for the proper disposal of human waste, which carries disease-causing microorganisms, and for preventing the spread of disease by flies and other insects.

B. Handwashing and Toilet Facilities: Accessible

Critical Violation
Food workers may be unlikely to wash their hands unless properly equipped handwashing sinks are accessible in the immediate work area. Handwashing sinks which are improperly located may be blocked by portable equipment or stacked full of soiled utensils and other items, rendering the sink unavailable for use. Nothing must block the approach to a handwashing sink, thereby discouraging its use.

C. Handwashing and Toilet Facilities: Soap & Drying Devices

Critical Violation
Handwashing sinks must be kept clean and well stocked with hand soap and hand towels to encourage frequent use. Hot and cold water must be provided through a mixing valve so employees can properly wash their hands.