Solar Energy

Delta County has received the Bronze Designation under the SolSmart Program, funded as a SunShot Initiative by the U.S. Department  of Energy. The designation shows that Delta is a solar friendly community committed to fostering clean energy and economic development through solar.

How does solar electricity work?

A solar electric system--using photovoltaic panels (PV)--generates electricity that can be used throughout your home or can be sold to your utility.  PV panels generate direct current (DC), that is converted to alternating current (AC) by an inverter (AC).  This allows the power to be consumed by your home or business.

Is western Colorado sunny enough for solar?

You bet!  With 300 days of sunshine, Colorado has some of the best exposure to sun's rays in the country.  Solar in Western Colorado will produce about twice as much energy as the same kW in Germany, the world leader of installed PV.

Why get solar?

The solar energy industry is rapidly growing  and changing. Improvements in technology, various federal and state tax credits, and new, innovative financing programs have continued to drive down costs making this technology more accessible now than ever before.

By placing solar photovoltaic systems on your home or business you can reduce your electrical costs, invest in creating your own power, and support local installation jobs.

Going Solar

After finding a solar installer, the hired contractor/installer typically handles all permitting concerns. No building permits are required and no certificates of occupancy are issued for the construction and placement of any structures in the unincorporated area of Delta County.  However, homeowners proceeding without a contractor must follow all applicable regulations in the State of Colorado, including electrical and solar thermal permitting. See the Building Information page for additional information. Residents living within town/city limits should contact their local municipality regarding any additional permits/requirements before installation.